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With Digital Access, you get full access to website: all of the articles, columnists, investigative reports, features, profiles, news, sports, blogs, slide shows and multimedia features. You receive Digital Access on any device –computer, tablet or smartphone. You also receive, every day of the week, our “Replica Edition”: a feature packed electronic version of our printed paper.
Without Digital Access you will be restricted to 10 free articles on every 30 days.
Digital Access is available for only 99 cents (plus tax) for your first month. Each additional month is $9.99 (plus tax).
If you are currently a home delivery subscriber, you can always add Digital Access to your Home Delivery subscription for $4.99 per month (plus tax).
So long as you keep your Home Delivery Subscription active, you can add Digital Access to your Home Delivery subscription for ONLY $4.99 per month (plus tax). That is 50% off the regular Digital Access price of $9.99 per month. Click here for further details.
Most Canadian and U.S. newspapers, as well as many other content providers, now offer a limited number of free articles while charging for unlimited digital access. Charging for Digital Access allows the Toronto Star to continue investing in unique content you can’t get anywhere else. We give you 10 free articles every 30 days so you can continue to see how valuable is to you.

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